The feeling, no matter how minute or diminutive, is always innate and recognizable still,

With no mention of it made, silent and unbeknownst to all, like one in utter despair and about to take the last pill,

Clenching onto the last straw, asking so many unanswered questions whilst holding onto reason, like a predator with its fresh kill,

Soon an uncontrollable fire burns so bright within, fueled by uncertainty and never leaving me tranquil,

What was once imperceptible breathes itself anew, cutting through my innards and leaving me exposed like a stream in a rill,

A phoenix risen from its ashes, now eager and devout to adorn it and onto the world perpetually instill.



Seemingly bound, out-of-sight and unreachable,

But always so close and enough for all to see, very noticeable …

Too many, a legion, literally ever so uncontrollable,

But in a moment’s breath will disappear, momentarily gone – inexplicable,

Soon to be accepted, dearly loved and told to many like a fable,

But similar to that, a reality so close but ever so far – intangible

Here, There and Everywhere

The true definition of wearing a heart on a sleeve.


d95a17afebb2b3846db8cd32a58d8649Let’s just say I found her, I found the proverbial one, the one who feels the void that resides within my very soul, if to be a tad cliche the one who completes me.

All I wanted was for her to be ‘Here’; always around me, always filling the abyss inside, always bringing that ray of sunshine that I caught of glimpse of while watching her eyes, how she could just change my mood with a smile (except when Liverpool lose a match or when the Three Lions as always underperform in a tournament, Rooney is not a bloody midfielder Hodgson!!!). Anytime we spent together was, for lack of a better word (my English teacher would be distraught that I can’t find the right adjective for this), amazing; I felt as though as I was Adonis, mortal man, whom Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, loved and was his partner (I…

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Dear someone,

Norwegian_Silhouette.pngFor you already know who you are, you’ve known all along …

My soul and my heart are yours for the taking, to you they belong,

For there is no doubt that your will, your might and desire are ever so strong,

So why set me on this arduous journey – so far and long?

Always unwillingly leaving me perplexed, confused, in musing like I did wrong,

But alas, you will never know this – for the courage I bear not to speak it. Except maybe in song …


Is this how it feels to have nothing to live for?

No one for whom your heart beats, who without would be sore,

Nothing to look forward to and only things passed to ignore,

Never there but always present like the air sitting on the floor,

Constantly wondering about when death will come knocking on my door,

Because at this rate, I am simply nothing and no one. Need I say more?