2 0 1 9 !

A new year is with us and so is the customary hype that usually follows it. I, for the first time in the recent past, will be spending the eve of the year in the confines of my house brooding over plenty. Let’s just start with the fact that I have always seen people set resolutions over the years and laughed at them. I never understood why people believed that a new year, just a bunch of incremental numbers that are meant to give us a sense of how much time has passed, should govern how they choose to improve or add meaning, by manner of resolutions, to their lives. I also want to add that I have never been the kind of person to set goals and by virtue of that, there have never been any clear sense of direction of purpose in almost all of the things I have done.

Well, this year I am choosing to believe in something new. Get it? Because it’s the new year? I am choosing to set goals that I would like to see myself complete within a given period of time. This is partly because I have looked back at the the past 7 years of my life, since I completed high school that is, have flown by with mostly nothing to show but a stubby beard and a fringe of dreads sitting on my forehead and making me barely recognizable. I detest the way I took for granted the time I had been given to do anything. Anything! Be a fucking serial-killer that kills one person a year and by now I’d be on my seventh and probably much more adept at getting rid of my trails. Maybe that’s too far. But you get the point. I mean, if I’d chosen to learn a chord on any instrument of my liking from the time I left school, I’d probably be playing for some band that we’d call “The One Night Chord” or something cheesier than that.

Enough time has been spent thinking about what was and what would have been. This is the time to risk it and start living. It has been a journey in itself, no matter how mediocre it has been but I am glad that I have been given a chance to take aim, even badly. This includes things like writing which I had initially started back in 2015 only to get rid of everything I had written because it wasn’t getting as much traction as I’d expected. This is hopefully the first post of many as I intend on getting back to something that I believe I have the chance of getting good at. That ties in with trying to read more books and find a genre that interest me. I’ve also found myself saying a prayer for the first time in over 4 years and it was kind of weird because I was the person at the other end was wondering why it took me so long to just say wassup.

If you’re reading this, then I dare you to take a leap and do something new. It can be anything – anything at all, like saying hello to your crush for the first time just so you say you did. That one step always, slow but surely, ends up into something huge. Thing is we cannot talk about it if we don’t even have the courage and bravery to try. I speak from experience. So cheers to new beginnings and taking leaps in ways that will seem so small now but will eventually, inevitably, be so huge that you’ll pat yourself so hard in the back for having started in the first place.

Happy 2019!